Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ucapan Salam Hari Raya

Memandangkan hari raya puasa akan menjelma tidak lama lagi. Oleh itu, saya memohon maaf kepada para pengunjung dan tuan punya blog (ehemm...sapa lagi kalu bukan Zul :D) jika ada terkasar bahasa, terlanjur kata mahupun tersalah taip.

Kepada mereka yang balik kampung, saya ucapkan selamat memandu dan sentiasalah mematuhi undang-undang jalan raya (Dan undang penerbangan bagi yang naik kapal terbang).

Jalan lupa mempromosikan Ubuntu pada sanak-saudara di kampung supaya Ubuntu lebih makmur, aman dan sejahtera (macam penah dengar je slogan nie...ehmmm).

Selamat Aidul Fitri
Maaf Zahir & Batin


  1. Salam sejahtera,

    Selamat menyambut hari raya buat awak juga..

    Salam mesra,


  2. salam aidilfitri jugak dari kita.maaf zahir dan batin

  3. Memandangkan hari raya puasa akan menjelma tidak lama lagi. Oleh itu, saya memohon maaf kepada para pengunjung dan tuan punya blog (ehemm...sapa lagi kalu bukan Zul :D) jika ada terkasar bahasa, terlanjur kata mahupun tersalah taip.

    typo disitu.. haha..
    selamat HAri Raya gak tok sume..

  4. salam its look like muslims here :D did u guys speak arabic ?

  5. selamat hari raya aidilfitri
    kepada semua umat muslimin dan muslimat,
    di seluruh dunia.. maaf zahir dan batin..

  6. selamat hari raya kepada semua...

    zul : t-shirt aku dah sampai... dah pakai pon g buka kat seafood hari tu.... huhuhuhu.. thanks...

  7. slamat ari raya sume... baju aku x sampai lagi...huhuhuhu..sedey2...:P

  8. Selamat Hari Raya..maaf zahir batin

  9. jipang_menjerit@UbuntuSeekersSeptember 30, 2008 at 2:32 AM

    dari pihak UbuntuSeekers..
    dah bersawang website aku tuh..broadband problem daa..huhu)

  10. I played around with Ubuntu this Ubuntu Logoweekend and I have been really impressed by everything, but I know many people still want to use a Windows desktop. So I thought I would give you ten reasons why you shouldn't use Ubuntu so when your Ubuntu-loving friends tell you about it you can be armed with some reasons why you would rather use Windows.

    1. You Don't Try Before You Buy--We all want to believe all the propoganda from people selling us something we don't need. So why would you want to be able to test-drive an operating system via liveCD before you install it. Tell 'em you don't need any guarantees either, you'll take it as-is, sight unseen.
    2. Installation of Software is Too Easy--With Ubuntu you only have to click on the Synaptic and click checkboxes to add software. Then hit Apply. You probably will feel gypped when you have to go searching for software, unzip it, quite everything else you are running, and then install an .exe. Then when you are done run Windows Update (of course only using Internet Explorer) just to make sure everything's up to date.
    3. Too Few Viruses/Too much security--Virus scanners give you a warm fuzzy feeling, they can also keep your computer from performing as fast as possible. Slowing down your perfomance keeps people's expecations of you low. Without spyware and virueses slowing you down it's a nuisance plus once you are logged in it's not going to crash or be wiped out by virues. Plus if you got too much work done you might get promoted or a raise. That would be a real pain trying to figure out how to spend the extra money.
    4. No Expensive Office Suites--You know you like to pay $400+ dollars for Microsoft Office Professional. must be some kind of communist plot. Why save that money for your kids college or support education intiaitives in the third-world when you can help fund Bill Gates' humble lifestyle.
    5. Optional Purchase Option--If an operating system is free it can't be that good. You want to go through an activation process to make sure it's a genuine operating system. That activation is a convenience put in place to make you feel more secure. You should be proud to volunteer your personal information and then be forced into an upgrade cycle that milks you out of hundreds of dollars every couple years. It makes perfect sense.
    6. Too many Free Applications to Choose From--Why would you want choices you think it better just to be told what to do? You should browse the Microsoft catalog first, then go to your local Best Buy for an office suite, image editors, and other document authoring software. If you are tempted to chose one package over the other on your own ask the burnout sales guy who was smoking weed behind the dumpster an hour ago for his opinion. Why would you want to use Scribus, Nvu, GIMP, OpenOffice that can be downloaded for free when you drive your gas guzzling SUV to the store add some CO2 to the global warning, maybe even run down an endangered species in route.
    7. Too Well Documented--You hate it when you can find easy-to-understand, searchable documentation. [I wanted to find out how to troubleshoot my wireless card so I went and looked at the and there was at least three easy-to-read up-to-date documents to help me.] I know I really wanted to call someone named John who was being exploited in a third world country, have him read a script about how he would help me and watch him fail miserably then have him wish me a very good day as my system was in worse condition than before we started talking.
    8. Excellent Free No Wait Technical Support--Speaking of support, why should I want to go to #Ubuntu on IRC where 1300 Ubuntu users are hangng out and offering their time to answer questions for free.
    It's much more fun waiting on hold to hear John read his support script.

    John (in an accent that is so thick you can hardly make out the words): Hello, this is John, "How may I be helping you."
    You: My desktop isn't displaying anything but a error message
    John: I am sorry to hear that, what seems to be the problem.
    You: My screen is displaying an error message.
    John: I am very sorry to hear that, I would like you to reboot.
    You: I just did.
    John: I am very sorry to hear that, I would like you to reboot.
    You: Really, why? I just rebooted.
    John: I am very sorry to hear that, I would like you to reboot.
    You: Can you just tell me problem that might cause that error?
    John (long pause): Please hold I must get my supervisor....
    You: What's his name?
    John: Frank
    You: What's his real name?
    9. Too many Interface Choices--I know you like the choices in Windows you can buy many versions of Vista with slightly more functionality at much greater prices. When you use Ubuntu, you have too many choices. You have the option of using Ubuntu with the Gnome desktop environment, if you hate that you can use Kbuntu using the QT-based KDE environment. What if you work in an office don't you want the same operating system that is used by third graders in their schools. After all let's start children while they are young authoring painfully ineffective slide decks on Powerpoint. Why would you want them to use a custom version for schools like Edubuntu. It shold be a law that you need a fast state of the art computer, why would you want an operating system that doesn't require at least a gig of RAM and a wicked fast video card. In fact Ubuntu users with modest machines use Xbuntu to keep the resource requirements low. Once again you shouldn't be allowed to compute if you can't afford the latest and greatest computer. Computing is a privledge and poor people shouldn't be allowed to access the Internet.
    10. Too Much Eye Candy --You don't want any cool eye-candy like rotating desktops transparency, woobly windows, and more. Why risk someone calling you a show-off when you start demonstrating your fancy desktop. Keep your proflie low with Windows Vista, it looks just like everyone else's desktop.

  11. jipang_menjerit@UbuntuSeekersSeptember 30, 2008 at 10:28 PM

    sape pulak yg melakukan kekacauan di hari raye yg mulia ini??
    tak lain tak bukan DIE HARD FAN VISTA yg tk reti nk terima hakikat..
    weeehehe ;P


  12. slmat ari raya dari aku.. heheh.. walaupun x meriah sgt sbab kna concentrate kat study (walaupun agak pyah nak concentrate)... heheheh
    Ubuntu is the best... :D

  13. selamat hari raya aidilfitri...

    Eid Mubarak...

    to all muslims all over the world...


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